I’m In Trouble

I know I am going to  be in trouble. You just don’t mess with Ethan’s things.

But since he was at camp, I figured the time was right to clean his room.

My preference would be purge, cull, organize and rearrange. But I have to settle for ‘clean’ unless I want a full-fledged ‘happy man’ meltdown. Cleaning around the level of hoarding Ethan does is tough for a neat freak like myself.

I found the bread loaf pans I was looking for last week when I was making meatloaf. The most interesting part of cleaning Ethan’s room is the collections of items that are stored together and their storage containers – a personal-size pizza box, multiple treasure chests, from tiny to full-sized, bins, bags, and containers of every size. If you asked him to produce a particular item, he can. He knows exactly where everything is.

This…is for your viewing pleasure.

What combination of strange things is your favorite?


One thought on “I’m In Trouble

  1. Every year while Stefan is at camp PALS I clean his room. Thankfully he doesn’t care (or notice) that I purge things while he is gone. He just thanks me for cleaning his room and then goes right back to his hoarding LOL. I’ll do it again next year, and the next, and the next……

    Personally I like the bin with the body parts LOL

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