A Snappy Dresser

When Ethan was a newborn, I recall being in the mall with him in a stroller. I passed a man with Down syndrome in an outfit I deemed questionable. He had on a Sesame Street graphic tee and his pants didn’t match. I vividly remember my thoughts of how I would ensure that Ethan looked pulled together in public and I wondered why ‘whoever was in charge of that guy’ didn’t do a better job of helping him look better in public.

The other night, Ethan left our house in this. That jacket is ‘pleather’. He refuses to unbutton the top button of any shirt. Ever. And why he is wearing a polo is beyond me. The glasses are 3D from his trip to see Black Panther and I really wanted him to change. Like a lot. But it didn’t happen.

Sometimes he wears a perfectly good outfit and then tops it off with authentic leather, fingerless biker gloves he bought for himself in New Hope. I knew, even when he was making the purchase, that those gloves held the potential to be a big problem. For me.

A cowboy hat and a tie-dyed t-shirt are also not out of the question and if you want to be able to see Mt. Rushmore and not stand in the parking lot and fight with him until he wins anyway, you should just mosey along and go with Ethan’s fashion protocol.

Accessory of the day: Selfie Stick.

Ethan often reminds me that he is a man and will wear what he wants. I guess I didn’t realize that about the guy in the mall that day.

Ethan turned out to be ‘the person in charge’ and he’s not taking fashion suggestions.

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