The Graduation Party

There is no party like a “Midland” family party. Our kids excel at partying 🙂 They were happy to be together celebrating once again.

It took me only a few minutes to notice that most of the parents were wearing similar expressions as we glanced at one another. I was familiar with it – I see the same expression on my own face. ‘Deer-in-the-headlights’ sums it up. ‘Shell Shock’ works as well. We tried small talk. We tried meatier subjects. Someone suggested we take it outside.

In the parking lot we formed a small circle and stood across each other. The parents of The Class of 2016 are facing big challenges. There is a lack of programs. Programs are very full, paperwork is moving slowly and jobs are hard to come by. Transportation to and from anywhere for an adult with disabilities is falling squarely on parents, which is fine if you don’t need to be anywhere else. Commiserating at least felt like I am not the only body in my rickety little boat.

One dad took an early retirement in preparation for this. One of the moms had take family leave. One parent did not have any idea how they were going to arrange for care the next day – or the day after that. I think we all kept hoping that someone in the circle had ‘the answer’. No one did. Not yet.

We are all trying to piece together ways for our kids to get out, be busy, be productive and participate in their communities. I’ll admit. It’s harder than I thought.

He’s been home for almost a month. He’s getting very stuck. He is not an easy person to live with. He cried big tears yesterday and said ‘no stay home’. I agreed. Ethan is a guy who needs structure and predictability – right now, we have the exact opposite of that.

I have been in ‘impossible’ situations before ~ oh, have I ever! I have history that tells me that this road leads somewhere and that answers and solutions are on their way.

Excuse me while I wait for the solutions, won’t you?

DSC04444 (1)
This guy!!


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