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After my first blog post, three people contacted me via text & phone regarding ‘the system’ and ‘the process’. These friends were not comfortable or ready to post details regarding people to question, who may not know as much as they let on, and warnings about agencies that do not function even closely to how their representatives maintain that they do. But they wanted to inform me.

Phooey. I expected as much.

I hoped that when I launched this site, comments and conversation would be an important part of it. I am working on adding a ‘discussion’ section of the site so that we can really interact here. We can learn from one another. I need guides and assistants and I want to write about this ending/beginning process freely and openly. I want the person who comes behind me to feel just a little less overwhelmed & confused.

I want to feel less overwhelmed and confused.

The conversations that start with ‘So, Ethan graduates this year! Wow. What’s next?’ kill me. Of course it’s normal to ask. This is not their problem, it’s my problem. Not everyone wants to hang around for the whole explanation about this being a trial by fire journey, and a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other kind of deal. No one is going to be able to sit down and map out what is day will look like from June 24 going forward. There is no prescription and no way to make this more predictable and controlled.

Damn. Now I believe that all the kitchen cabinets and filthy and clearly need completely emptied, washed and reorganized. Damn OCD.

This is going to be a bumpy ride. The role of ‘cruise director’ will fall squarely on my shoulders. The role of ‘bread-winner-who-provides-a-roof-and-everything-else-everyone-needs’ has already been taking by Dennis.

Even if we find lots of appropriate opportunities, meaningful work, things he enjoys and productive activities. This is going to be new, rough, require flexibility and ingenuity, and lots of out-of-the-box thinking.

Good thing out-of-the-box thinking is in my repertoire.

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