What to do at 21

1. Complete ‘What to do at 18‘ if you have not. 

2. Complete the NJ CAT Assessment Tool


3. Choose a Support Coordination Agency

All services for your adult child with DD/ID will be driven by a document referred to as an Individual Service Plan. Here are several articles that will help you understand the Support Coordination Agency Role. Choose wisely! You need someone on your side.

Choosing a Support Coordination Agency

Support Coordination Role

Support Coordination – The Boggs Center On Developmental Disabilities

If you do not feel that your agency is advocating for your adult child to the fullest extent they are supposed to be, you may switch agencies.

4. Investigate/Educate Yourself on Residential/Housing Options

There are specific criterion for being added to waiting lists for government housing options in NJ (probably the rest of the country, too) and very long waiting lists are maintained.

It is a good idea to read about the options and request placement on either the General Waiting List or the Priority Waiting List, which may be available if you situation warrants it.

DDD Housing Assistance: FAQ

Department of Human Services: Housing 

Community Care Waiting List (CCW)

The Waiting List for Residential Services in New Jersey – Hinkle, Fingles, Prior & Fischer

The Journey to Community Housing with Supports – A Road Map for Individuals and Their Families in NJ